Jeff Perks is an artist who lives in Cressbrook, Derbyshire, UK. He specialises in paintings, prints - primarily linocuts and cardboard cuts - and sculptures - using wood, metal, clay and stone.

Below are some examples of my work. All pieces are for sale so if you are interested please feel free to enquire.

The Training Ground

Description:​ The World's biggest linocut made from one roll of lino. It depicts the English involvement in Ireland for the last five hundred years.


Dimensions:Length 21' x Height 6'
Year of Work:2009


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The Trianing Ground - Part 1 of 4 - Jeff Perks
The Trianing Ground - Part 2 of 4 - Jeff Perks
The Trianing Ground - Part 3 of 4 - Jeff Perks
The Trianing Ground - Part 4 of 4 - Jeff Perks

A to Z of Australia



Jeff Perks A to Z of Australia is so different from the image conveyed aboard by films and TV soap operas, so different from the way many Australians see themselves. Australians are natural democratic, naturally unpretentious, and instinctively fair-minded, but what about the treatment of the Aborigines, about poverty, about the workings of power? None of this alters one apparent fact – Perks loves the place. The show sets out to contrast the two sides of Australia, the good and the not-so-good.


Media: A- Z Book
Dimensions: 8x5cms.
Year of work: 2000

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A is for Austrialia Upside Down Country- Jeff Perks
A is for Austrialia - Jeff Perks
A is for Austrialia - Aborigines - Jeff Perks
W is for Wallaby  - Jeff Perks
and for Wallabies - Jeff Perks
Z is for Zero  - Jeff Perks
and for Zinc Cream  - Jeff Perks

150th Anniversary of the Match Girl Strike

Description:​ Produced as part of the publicity campaign for the 150 years
anniversary of the 'Match Girls' stike.


Media: Canvas Painting, Cardboard and Linocut
Dimensions: Various.
Year of Work:2014


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100th Anniversary of the Match Girl Strike_edited
Flaming Fusees - Jeff Perks
Englands Glory - Jeff Perks

Various Iraq War Prints

Media: Cardboard and Linocut Prints

Dimensions: Various

Description: Published by Frances Lincoln in 'Lines in the Sand' with all Profits and Royalities going to UNICEF

Year of Work: 2005

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Jeff Perks-Iraq. Fill Her Up!Cardboard Cut 40x30cm
Jeff Perks.Iraq.They Come by Night.30x20cm
Jeff Perks- Iraq. Friendly Fire. Cardboard Cut. 30x20
Jeff Perks- Iraq.Trust Me. Carboard Cut. 30x20
Jeff Perks. Iraq. Fill Her Up! Linocut. 30x20cm
Its not war against Islam - Jeff Perks
Collateral Damage - Jeff Perks
Jeff Perks. Iraq. We will not walk away from Iraq. Tony Blair. Cardboard Cut.30x20.
Jeff Perks- The Wall. Linocut.
Jeff Perks- Iraq.We're killing people to make the world a safer place. Linocut.40x30cm
Jeff Perks-Iraq Anti-War Poster linocut 50x40cm
Iraq. Another Bloody Repeat
Jeff Perks-Iraq Anti War Poster linocut 50x40cm
Jeff Perks- Apocalypse Now! Painting Oil and Motor Spray 90x90cm

I remember the sixties

Description:​ Here comes the revolution.

Media: Cardboard Print
Dimensions: 30x20cms
Year of Work: 2005

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I remember the sixties - Jeff Perks

The Great Unmentionable

Description:​ A book on death


Media: Book
Dimensions: 10'x5'
Year of Work: 2012

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Jeff Perks- Is it a New Begining. cradboard Print. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks- Or The End.Cardboard Print. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks- Can we prepare for it. Cardboard Print.40x30cm
Jeff Perks- What about dignity. Cardboard Print.40x30cm
Jeff Perks- Needless Suffering. Cardboard Print.50x40cm
Jeff Perks- Be averted. Cardboard Print. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks- Who will see it alone. Cardboard Print. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks - Who will see it together. Linocut. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks-Before their time. Cardboard Print.  40x 30cm,
Jeff Perks- Who will pick their own time. Lino and Cardboard cut. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks. Final for the dead. Linocut. 40x30cm.
Jeff Perks- When its all over who can put a price tag on it. Waste Linocut. 40x30cm

A Day in the Death of the World

Description:​ Part of a series on nuclear war. Commissioned by the 7/84 Theatre Company.


Media: Cardboard Prints
Dimensions: 60cmx40cm
Year of Work: 1995

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Jeff Perks-A Day in the Life of the Planet. Cardboard Cut. 60x40cm
Jeff Perks-Fylingdale Moor. Yorkshire.10am. Cardboard Cut and Spray. 60x40cm
JeffPerks- We're meet again.Cardboard Cut.60x40cm
Jeff Perks- Nineteen miles away-Nylon Melts. 60x40cm


Description:​ Part of a series on Palestine.


Media: Cardboard Prints
Dimensions: 60x40cms
Year of Work: 1990

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Jeff Perks- Jerusalem. Wailing Wall. Linocut and Cardboard Cut. 60x40cm
Jeff Perks- Palestine. With the Bedouin. Cardboard and Linocut. 60x40cm
Jeff Perks- From out of the graves of Arabs came Hotels. Carboard and linocut.60x40cm


Description:​ Click on each image for an individual description

Media: Cardboard and Linocut Prints
Dimensions: Various
Year of Work: 2002-2010

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Jeff Perks. Spring. Linocut. 60x40cm
Jeff Perks. Summer. Linocut 60x40cm
Jeff Perks.Summer Wind. Linocut.60x40cm
Jeff Perks Autumn (printed from leaves. 76cmx51cm
Winter Fox - Jeff Perks
Jeff Perks-Tree of Life. Cardboard Cut. 60x40cm

Magic Tree

Description:​ Painted to portray the resitance of the eco-warriors on Stanton Edge.

Media: Oil Painting
Dimensions: 61x61
Year of Work: 2005

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Jeff Perks-Magic Tree (Oil Painting)61x61

John Bull

Description:​ Based on a poem by Mike Rosen

Media: Linocut
Dimensions: 40cmx30cm
Year of Work: 1995

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John Bull Notes
John Bull 2
John Bull 3
John Bull 4
John Bull 5
John Bull 6
John Bull 7
John Bull 8
John Bull 9
John Bull 10
John Bull 11
John Bull 12
John Bull 13

Life Drawings

Description:​ Various life drawings and a painting

Media: Charcoal and red crayon
Dimensions: Various
Year of Work: 2004

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Jeff Perks- Girl with the Red Hair standing. Charcoal and Red Crayon. 40x30cm
Jeff Perks-Black Cat (Oil Painting)61cmx51cm
Jeff Perks-Girl with Red Hair backwards
Jeff Perks-Girl with the Red Hair Kneeling



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John Bull Notes